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Bob Hubbach
Musician and Artist

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Here's a bit about the various people who helped make my recordings possible
(In progress - more coming soon)

Bob Hubbach

A few words about my friend and fellow musician Bob Hubbach. I have known and admired Bob for close to 35 years and have been honored to have been part of this, his second recording project.

In my mind, what makes Bob's music different is that his playing has evolved separate from the current dulcimer mainstream. It harkens back to the days when the dulcimer was more often heard in dance bands and less as a solo instrument. Equally at home as a lead player or backup musician, Bob captures the "feel" of the music and ornamentation without losing sight of the rythm.... what a dance band needs. Listen to the interplay between the dulcimer and the other instruments in "Out The Buckhorn Way". This is what a dulcimer can do in expert hands.

Paul Goelz, 2011

Judi Morningstar

Brad Battey

Sharon Hall

Cecelia Webster

Andy Clark

Edna Clark

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider is considered a master of the hammered dulcimer, and is known for his sensitive and thoughtful playing and innovative style. He has performed at dulcimer festivals from coast to coast, and played on movie sound tracks, commercials, and in an award winning Broadway musical. With three independently produced recordings of his own, he can also be heard backing up other talented musicians on their CD, and is happy to have been part of this recording of Bob's.

Paul Goelz

A multi-instrumentalist, Paul plays hammered dulcimer and cello (on Up North, Down East").  Paul has also been active as a recording engineer for many years and engineered both "Up North, Down East" and "Out The Buckhorn Way" as well as many other recordings in the Chicago and Detroit area.